Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Price Ksh. 31000
Chipset Exynos 9110
Sizes 41 mm, 45 mm
OS Tizen
Internal 4GB+ 1 GB RAM
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Display 1.2 inches/1.4 inch


KSh 31,000KSh 31,300

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  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Kenya

    The price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Kenya is 31000 shillings for the 41mm version and Ksh. 37,500 for the 45mm version. Galaxy Watch 3 comes in three colors – mystic black, silver, and bronze. In two sizes, 41mm and 45 mm. And in two variants, LTE and wifi, only. With the LTE version. You can leave your phone at home and take calls directly from your smartwatch. It’s elegant and premium design is immediately apparent. The leather strap looks and feels nice and durable.

    Galaxy Watch 3 specs and price in Kenya

    Price Ksh. 40,500
    Brand Samsung
    Sizes 41 mm, 45 mm
    OS Tizen
    Internal 4GB with 1 GB RAM
    Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
    Display 1.2 inches/1.4 inch

    Paring Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

    Pairing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is possible with both Android smartphones and iPhones. On Samsung phones. The guts wearable app will launch to set up configure and update the smartwatch. On iPhones. There’s the alternative Samsung galaxy watch app which delivers a more limited set of abilities. When turning on the smartwatch, you’re greeted with your watch face of choice. From there, you can tap and hold it to change it. Scroll left, to see your notifications or scroll right to access your apps in widget screens.


    The rotating bezel can also immediately be used for accessing those screens. After you enable notifications for your smartphone apps of choice, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will use haptic feedback to inform you when new notifications arrive. Its notification interface is quite reaching color and information. You may also want to see Galaxy Buds Live

    Overall, the level of interactivity with notifications on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is then satisfying. And all of the replay options work surprisingly well. As previously mentioned, when you scroll to the right of your home screen, you’ll access all of the widgets that you have installed. The pre-installed ones include health, sleep, and fitness tracking, weather information, and music players. You can also add additional widgets, such as an alarm, a calendar, or list with the coming events and appointments, etc.

    A rotating bezel

    Around the display we have a rotating bezel, arguably the most convenient way to interact with a smartwatch. It feels satisfying, smooth, and responsive to use. Also, the smartwatch has two physical buttons on its right side. With the top one serving as a back button and the bottom one used for going back to the home screen. The colorful OLED display on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has impressive brightness. So interacting with it in sunlight should never be an issue. The gorilla glass that covers the screen is also not simply fingerprint resistant, which is a welcome surprise.


    As for the display sharpness. It is reasonably sharp. Although you can see pixels if you look closely. For personalizing, the smartwatch Samsung says that over 50,000 watch faces are available for it. 19 are installed out of the box. What’s even cooler is that you can customize your watch faces via the galaxy wearable app on your phone and can add your photos as wallpapers.

    Samsung also allows for customizing the wash hands, choosing primary watch face colors, and choosing which widgets to appear on the watch face. Such include heart rate, date, and weather info. Despite the great number of customization options, the interface is simple and intuitive enough for anyone to be able to make their Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 unique for themselves.

    Tizen OS

    A toggle for always-on display when enabled will keep your watch face visible at all times, at the expense of battery life. But even without it, the display turns on when you lift your wrist and take a look at it. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 runs on Samsung’s Tizen operating system, which was also used in previous smartwatches by the company. Tizen mostly provides a smooth and intuitive experience. And only very rarely the watch will stutter a tiny bit, but most times you won’t even notice that.


    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with workout tracking support for a wide range of activities during workouts. It will time you and show you information such as your heart rate and calories burned. You also had immediate access to a music player just in case you need an energy boost from your favorite songs. All of the activities you’ll ever need may be supported on the smartwatch and for obscure ones. There’s the option for general activity tracking.


    Now let’s focus on applications among the pre-installed apps are Bixby, Spotify, Samsung pay, and interestingly, Microsoft outlook. You can only reply to outlook emails with predetermined short replies though. The galaxy Store is also available on the smartwatch, allowing users to find any install, other fun, and useful apps. Among the top downloaded once are a calculator, a remote camera control app, and a news app. There is also a Samsung internet browser.


    The speaker on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is quite tinny, but it gets the job done. We tried the voice recorder app to also see how the microphone on the Galaxy Watch 3 performs. The resulting voice recordings are clear. So it’s not a stretch to assume that the LTE version of the smartwatch will do a great job for taking standalone phone calls. Official product website

    Battery and charging

    As for the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, it’s decent, but not impressive. Power users should expect about a day on a single charge. While light users may be able to squeeze two or three days charging the Smart Wash is a satisfying, simple, and painless process though. It comes with a magnetic charger out of the box, which simply snaps on the back of the galaxy watch.

    Charging up to 100% takes about two hours. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is also Qi-certified for wireless charging. So you can easily charge it directly from your galaxy S20 Plus for example, by using power share or with any comparable wireless chargers.

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