Galaxy Buds Live


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Price in Kenya Approx. Ksh 21,500
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Battery 60 mAh
Case capacity
472 mAH
Ear tips Large, Medium, Small
Mic Built-in
Fit In-Ear
Color White, Bronze, Black


KSh 10,000 KSh 21,500

Out of stock

Galaxy Buds Live in Kenya

The price of Galaxy Buds Live in Kenya is 15,500 shillings. Samsung’s Buds live come in three color options – mystic white, bronze, and black. Buy Buds Live in Kenya today at Phones Store Kenya.

Galaxy Buds Live specs and price in Kenya

Price Ksh. 15,500
Resistance Water resistant
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Case battery 472 mAH
60 mAH
Comm Wireless
White, Bronze, Black
Ear tips Large, Medium, Small


In Samsung’s own words but, they state that the Galaxy Buds Live case is a jewelry box inspired. And you have got to admit it does give that vibe. You got that super flashy, mystic bronze color. With this Samsung trying to blur the lines between consumer tech and a fashion statement. The whole bean comparison has been overused, so I will spare you that.

Galaxy Buds Live Galaxy Buds Live - Price in Kenya - Phones Store Kenya

But they’re an interesting shape that doesn’t look that crazy once they’re in your ears. This unique shape makes for a fun conversation starter and is a great way for Samsung to get people talking about their new product. Ultimately, how they look means nothing. If they don’t fit. At first sight, they might look like they wouldn’t stay in, but somehow they do. Visit this product’s official website here

How to wear Galaxy Buds Live

Just drop the bottom in, then pop the top in place and they just rest there. And the curves in one’s ear sort of accommodates the Galaxy Buds Live. Because the speaker part is just at the bottom here, you will find that if they are slightly rotated away from your ear holes, the sound quality suffers. So just make sure the speakers are facing your ears.

Sound Quality

The sound quality with Galaxy Buds Live is worth it. The air vents and open design does let a lot of outside noise in which is great for staying aware in public. It gives the music a more airy and spacious feel when compared to sealed off earbuds. The sound is very comparable to the Galaxy Buds+. But they punched up the base on these. Find the clear setting and the equalizer to suit your ears more. If you enjoy a more mainstream sound with an emphasis on base, I think you’ll be very happy with how the buzzing life sounds straight out the box.


We did try working out with them on and although they never fell out, doing more dynamic workouts makes them slide around a little bit, which might be distracting. Swapping to the larger wingtip does make it feel more secure. But not as good as Galaxy earbuds with the silicone tip. You could use them, but these wouldn’t be at the top of my list for working out. With that being said, Galaxy Buds Live without a doubt is the most comfortable earbuds of 2020 so far. Seriously you could easily forget that you’re wearing them.

ANC and Buds Live

When Samsung announced that these would have ANC and not have a seal of any sort, everyone was skeptical until when Galaxy Buds Live dropped. Samsung delivered. If you’re planning on buying these for the noise cancellation, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but, I don’t think these are it. The seal is so important for blocking out ambient noise. And since they have none, these don’t farewell.

It does cut down the hum from the air purifier, but not by very much.The ANC feature, however, has been advertised on the box and comes in with high expectations. Maybe not to buy these for the ANC feature. Instead, keep it off and enjoy the extra battery life. You will manage to get eight hours of listening straight over the weekend which is a win in anyone’s book.

Battery life

You’ll get 6 hours of listening on the Galaxy Buds Live and another 21 hours of reserved charge in the case for a total of 27 hours. Keeping active noise cancellation off, we were able to get quite a few extra hours. Charging is done wirelessly, or you can plug them in with a USB-C cable that’s provided in the box.

You’ve got the standard touch controls with the option to set what a long tap does. Options include volume controls, ANC, launch a favorite Spotify playlist or your phone’s assistant. And yes, you can launch Google assistant over Bixby. And on the iPhones, it activates a Siri as you would expect. I do want to mention because of the shape, you might accidental touches when taking them off or when trying to readjust them in your ears.

Extra feature

This is a common question with wireless earbuds. But yes, you can use Galaxy Buds Live earbud individually while the other is charging. In this case, switching between already paired devices seems to be a little quicker. You can switch between an iPhone and Galaxy phone with no real issues. There’s this relief pressure setting in the labs’ menu that’s sort of like a super low ambient mode to help with that plug or stuffing this feeling. The connection has been solid.


Galaxy Buds Live are perfect, but you know what? You will like them. The open design gives the music a larger soundstage and keeps you aware of your surroundings. What wins people over is that comfort. You can wear these for hours at a time and not feel them. As long as you don’t care for the underwhelming active noise canceling and they fit your ears, these are a solid pair of everyday earbuds.

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