Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro


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  • Noise Cancelling (Active): Yes
  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Controls: Call, Mute, Voice assistant, Volume
  • Battery Capacity: 472 mAh
  • Colour: Violet, Silver, Black
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in Kenya

The price of Galaxy Buds Pro in Kenya is 13,500 shillings. Samsung’s Buds live come in three color options – Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black. Buy Buds Live in Kenya today at Phones Store Kenya. With Galaxy Buds Pro, you’ll feel confident you’re connected and heard. No matter where you are, stay connected whether you’re owning that virtual meeting or catching up with an old friend.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro specs and price in Kenya

Price in Kenya 13, 500 shillings
Noise Cancelling Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Case battery 472 mAH
61 mAH
Headphone Fit In-Ear
Violet, Silver, Black
Ear tips Large, Medium, Small

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is the follow-up to last year’s galaxy buds live and galaxy buds Plus. They improve the overall sound quality and add even more premium features. But this comes at a slight but still extra cost. So are they worth those few extra shillings? Find out here.


First, up the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro come in a choice of three different colors. You’ve got the Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black. They’re not as distinctive as the galaxy buds live and they are quite chunky as well. The stability of these buds while inside your ears has been helped by the fact that you’ve got proper silicone tips here. It definitely helps keep them in and then also provides a proper seal from the outdoor.


They got full Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. To connect with your device just pop the lid on the case, hold it near to the Samsung device, and immediately a little notification pops up. You should get that notification on other Android smartphones as well. And even if it doesn’t pop up, just go to the Bluetooth menu you’ll be paid in seconds. If you need to connect to another device, simply long-press, both of these buds at the same time. And it is cool to see new premium features here.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can smartly auto-connect to a couple of different Samsung devices simultaneously. Once you’ve connected your galaxy buds pro to your smartphone download the galaxy wearable app. The buds will work fine without this app though but you get access to a whole bunch of features when you have the app.

Voice detection

Voice detect feature is a new feature we see on Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. With these turns on the buds will listen out for the sound of your voice and once it detects that you are speaking, they will immediately lower the volume of whatever you’re listening to and switch from ANC mode to that ambient mode. Galaxy buds pro will stay in this until it detects that you haven’t been talking for 5, 10, or 15 seconds at which point ANC will kick back on. The volume will also back up exactly how it was before. And the sound quality by the way is ensured by an 11 mil woofer and then you got 6.5 mil tweeter.

IPX7 – waterproofing

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a step beyond most other rivals when it comes to sweat and water resistance. They pull an IPX7. You cannot go swimming with them for a limited amount of time. which is up to 30 minutes and down to 1.5 meters. Anywhere. Most other buds are just IPX4 which means they can take a bit of a splash.

Ambiance mode

You switch between the ANC mode and the ambient mode by long pressing on either of the buds. Alternatively, you can simply (or not) do it within the wearable app. Unline ANC, Ambiance mode actually pipes in audio from all around so so you can clearly hear what is going on. It has four different settings from low to the highest. You will be able to hear everything that was going on around you perfectly even at a low level.


One of the features many will be most excited about here on the Samsung galaxy buds pro will be Active noise cancellation. Galaxy buds live had this but it really didn’t work too well to dump the noise around you. But here it is two different levels. The high-level Samsung alleges will block 99% of all surrounding noise and the low level a quieter environment.

Touch controls

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro they do a full touch control support just like previous galaxy buds. Here we go! A single tap will pause or play your music, a double-tap will jump you forward to the next track and a triple tap will skip you back to the previous track. These touch controls work perfectly. You will get used to them instantly. And you can also auto-pause while listening to music by taking out one bud. Full voice assistant control is here as well, but only compatible with Bixby.

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