Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones

Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones Features 

  • Material: Silicon
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5
  • Speakers: 16mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.2
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes, 2-Mic ENC
  • Call Support: Yes, 2-Mic
  • Battery: 13+ Hours

KSh 9,500 KSh 11,000

  • Call to buy: 0728-270-084
  • Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones in Kenya

    Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones’ price in Kenya is Kes 9,500. What you are going to love is the fact that the Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones come with an Ergonomic that is 16 cm behind-the-neck design.  That has a matte finish and it is waterproof, thanks to the IPX5-rated. This makes the Earphones perfect for when you outdoors jogging or even indoors in the gym, the pair delivers all-day comfort. You equally get a bluetooth for transmitting data plus you can still pair it fast with Google and you can receive pop-up notifications as they come in. On top of providing you with a voice assistant and heavy bass technology. You are cleary getting value for your money. Purchase the Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones on our website Phonesstore Kenya.

    Oraimo Open Circlet Specifications and Price

    Brand Oraimo
    Model Open Circlet
    Type Open ear / Outside the ear audio device
    Material Silicon
    Drivers 2*16mm
    Connectivity Bluetooth V5.2
    Bluetooth Range 10m
    Battery Playtime 13+ Hours
    Charging Input USB Type-C
    Waterproof IPX5 Rating
    Transparency Mode supported
    Noise Cancellation Yes, 2-mic ENC Noise Cancellation-HD Voice in Calls
    Sound Support Yes, with HavyBass Technology
    Latency Low audio latency
    Google Fast Pairing supported

    Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones Overview

    Connectivity (Bluetooth 5.2):

    Starting strong we have Bluetooth 5.2 that allows the Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones to connect efficiently to all of your other devices. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite music. When you use the Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones to take calls, you will realize how clear the calls are making these buds reliable.


    The Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones allows you to remain connected with a crystal-clear call. They have dual microphones that ensure that every time you take calls through the buds, your voice is transmitted with precision.

    Ambient Aware and TalkThru:

    This feature that allows you to stay aware of your surroundings without removing your earbuds is something that you are going to love. The Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones have an ambient awareness feature that allows you to control the amount of external sound you get to hear. You also get a TalkThru feature that allows you to engage in conversations with your friends without pausing your music.

    Voice Assistant:

    Last but not least, with the Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones, you can take control of your phone with just your voice. This is because the Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones supports voice assistant and this will allow you to manage your music, or even get directions to a place my favorite feature, you can send messages with hands-free convenience.

    Touch Control:

    Get to enjoy effortlessly controlling your phone with the youch of your fingerprints. The Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphonestouch controls on the earbuds will enable you to manage playback and even answer phone calls as they come. You can also activate certain features with a simple touch. This will truly enhance your listening experience by Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones.

    Battery Playtime (40 Hours):

    The battery life of the Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones is one thing you are going to love. You can play your favorite music all day and night and get to enjoy up to 40 hours of battery playtime. 


    There you have it, our favorite features of the Oraimo OpenCirclet Earphones that will simply elevate your audio experience when you use them. Go ahead and purchase them at phonesstore Kenya and enjoy clear crystal music sound that you can conveniently control with the touch of your fingers and my favorite of all a 40-hour battery life.


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