AmazFit Cheetah

Key Features of AmazFit Cheetah

  • Lightweight design
  • AMOLED display
  • Unrivalled GPS Accuracy
  • Personalized training guidance
  • Chat AI Coaching
  • Zepp APP
  • GPS
  • Voice Assistant

KSh 37,000

  • Call to buy: 0728-270-084
  • AmazFit Cheetah Smartwatches in Kenya

    AmazFit Cheetah’s price in Kenya starts from Kes 37,000. The AmazFit Cheetah is a series of smartwatches designed for runners and fitness enthusiasts. It comes in three models: the Cheetah Pro, the Cheetah Round, and the Cheetah Square. They all share similar features, such as dual-band GPS, AI-powered running coach, heart rate monitor, and 150+ sports modes. The main differences are in the design, screen size, and battery life.

    The Cheetah Pro is the most expensive and premium model, with a 47mm round case, a 1.45-inch AMOLED touchscreen, a titanium alloy bezel, and up to 14 days of battery life. The Cheetah Round and Square are cheaper alternatives, with a 42mm round or square case, a 1.28-inch TFT display, a plastic bezel, and up to 10 days of battery life. Based on analysis from various sources, the Cheetah Pro performs well as a running watch in most key areas, offering good features for the price. Buy the AmazFit Cheetah smartwatch at Phonesstore Kenya.

    AmazFit Cheetah Smartwatches Specifications

    Brand AmazFit
    Model Name ·       the Cheetah Pro

    ·       Cheetah Round

    ·       the Cheetah Square

    Style Cheetah
    Weight 32g
    Display Size 1.39 inches AMOLED
    Special Feature Personalized AI-powered Running Coach, Amazon Alexa
    Compatible devices Android 7.0 and above, iOS 14.0 and above
    Waterproof ATM 5
    Battery 14 days
    Color Speed Gray
    Price ·       AmazFit Cheetah Pro: Kes 48,000

    ·       Cheetah Round: 37,000

    AmazFit Cheetah

    In the area of fitness technology, we have seen innovation being the key to unlocking new levels of performance. One such innovation that we are excited about comes from Amazfit, they still remain a pioneer in GPS smartwatches. As of 2024, we saw the last device that they are offering in the market the Amazfit Cheetah. This smartwatch has incorporated cutting-edge features that have been designed to change your running experience. Today, let’s delve into the different features of how this smartwatch that been powered with MaxTrack technology, to elevate your workouts.

    MaxTrack: Unmatched GPS Precision

    At the heart of the Amazfit Cheetah, you will find MaxTrack, which is an industry-leading GPS technology. This dual-band circularly polarized GPS antenna system ensures unparalleled signal reception. The MaxTrack allows you to capture nearly 100 percent of satellite signals. Whether you’re navigating the bustling city streets of Nairobi or traversing dense forests.

    The MaxTrack will deliver to you precise location tracking. You get to say goodbye to being frustrated to your GPS data being inaccurate. Now, you can record every step of your run accurately and this will empower you to push your limits with confidence.

    Personalized Coaching with Zepp Coach

    If you have any fitness goals, you will be able to achieve them with the Zepp coach that allows you to track your runs while giving you tailored guidance. Once you enter Zepp coach, which is an AI powered running companion that has been integrated into the Amazfit Cheetah. Here is how the coach works, it uses advanced algorithms, to analyse your fitness level, race objectives, and performance metrics. Later on the Zepp coach will craft training plans that are personalized to you.

    If your goal is yo become a marathom runner or achieve a 5K run, the Zepp coach will create a weekly regime that allows you to prepare for the day of the race. Indeed, with the Zepp Coach by your side, you’ll not only reach your goals but surpass them with flying colors.

    Seamless Navigation and Offline Maps

    If you ever get lost in the middle of running erands or while training the Amazfit Cheetah comes with offline maps to help you get back on track. Thankfully, the Amazfit Cheetah ensures you stay on course with its precise route navigation and offline maps feature. All you need to do is download maps on the area you are planning to run through the Zepp App and then sync it to your watch. Once you have apired the map with a file route that you have imported, you can now go back to running with confidence. Knowing vert well that every turn you take with Amazfit Cheetah has been accounted for.

    Comprehensive Health Monitoring

    The other thing that you can optimize in your Amazfit Cheetah watch is your health and fitness. This is something that i love baout the watch the simple fact that performance goes beyond tracking your runs. With the Amazfit Cheetah’s BioTracker PPG optical sensor, you gain real-time insights into vital health metrics. You can equally monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, and sleep quality with unparalleled accuracy. Additionally, you can seamlessly integrate with heart rate belts via Bluetooth connectivity ensures precise monitoring during your runs. At the same time you can monitor your health 24/7, the Amazfit Cheetah empowers you to make informed decisions about your training and recovery, maximizing your overall well-being.

    Sleek Design, Long-Lasting Performance

    When it comes to the design of the Amazfit Cheetah, it has an aesthetic appeal that meets functionality in the design. The watch has been built with a durable fiber-reinforced polymer, indeed, this smartwatch strikes the perfect balance between durability and lightweight comfort. The Amazfit Cheetah weighs a mere 32g, this makes it feel virtually weightless on your wrist, allowing for unrestricted movement during your runs. You also get a responsive crown and button provide intuitive controls, while the vivid HD AMOLED display ensures crystal-clear visibility in any lighting conditions. With a design tailored for runners, the Amazfit Cheetah seamlessly integrates into your active lifestyle, enhancing both performance and style.

    Unrivaled Battery Life and Entertainment

    Getting a watch that has a long-lasting battery life is essential for uninterrupted training sessions. The Amazfit Cheetah delivers with up to 14 days of typical usage and an impressive 45 days in Clock Mode. You can activate the Automatic GPS Mode to optimize power consumption during runs, ensuring you never miss a beat. Furthermore, you also get to enjoy the convenience of voice assistance with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to access weather updates, set reminders, and control music playback—all without breaking your stride.  On top of that the Amazfit cheetah onboard music storage and Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy your favorite tunes while conquering mile after mile.


    In conclusion, the Amazfit Cheetah stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in fitness technology. You get a MaxTrack GPS technology, personalized coaching, on top of the comprehensive health monitoring, and a sleek, durable design, it redefines what’s possible in a GPS smartwatch. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete striving for peak performance or a novice embarking on your fitness journey, the Amazfit Cheetah is your ultimate companion. Elevate your runs, exceed your limits, and unlock your full potential with the Amazfit Cheetah by your side.


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